Download, Install and Configure Windows 11 (2022)

Windows 11 - Download, Install and Configure guide
This is a guide to help you download, install and configure Windows 11.
I will place links to everything you need and will try to explain everything.

1. Download Windows 11

First things first, we need to download Windows 11. 
I recommend Enterprise because it has no limitations.

# Download Windows 11 Media Creation Tool
Download the "Windows 11 Media Creation Tool" from microsoft
# Download the Windows 11 Enterprise iso
To download "Windows 11 Enterprise", we need to start the "Media Creation Tool" from "cmd" with one of the following commands
# English (United States) 
mediacreationtool.exe /Eula Accept /MediaLangCode en-US /Retail /MediaArch x64 /MediaEdition Enterprise

# English (United Kingdom)
mediacreationtool.exe /Eula Accept /MediaLangCode en-GB /Retail /MediaArch x64 /MediaEdition Enterprise

# Dutch (Netherlands)
mediacreationtool.exe /Eula Accept /MediaLangCode nl-NL /Retail /MediaArch x64 /MediaEdition Enterprise
Easier Explained:
1. Copy the "media creation tool" to your c:/ drive 
2. Hit "Windows key + R" and type in "cmd" and press enter
3. Type "cd c:/" and press enter 
4. Copy and Paste the command for your language from above and hit 'Enter'

When asked for a product key
# Make a bootable USB from the Windows 11 iso
Download "Rufus" to make a bootable USB from the iso
Start Rufus
Setup Rufus
Device = Your USB stick
Click "SELECT" and select the Windows 11 iso
Click "START"

After you click "START" you get a couple of questions, make sure these are "CHECKED"
- Remove requirement for 4GB+ RAM, Secure Boot and TPM 2.0
- Remove requirement for an online Microsoft account
- Disable data collection (skip privacy questions)

Click 'OK'

2. Preperation Checklist

Before you start (re)installing, just run down this checklist to see if you haven't forgotten about anything.
TIP: Put all this stuff on a USB Stick for easy acces after installation.
Don't put it on a network location because we don't want a network connection until we installed the drivers.  

1. Make a backup of everything you want to keep 
This also includes: Bookmarks, Settings

2. Make sure you have the latest drivers for all you hardware
The most important drivers are CHIPSET, AUDIO and VIDEO

If you have an AMD processor, install these CHIPSET Drivers instead of the ones from your motherboard manufacturer.
For NVIDIA Geforce Videocard
AUDIO and Intel CHIPSET Drivers can be download from your motherboard manufacturer website.
Asrock -
Asus -
Gigabyte -
3. Download Activation Scripts for Windows
Download MAS to activate Windows
4. Download a utility to get rid of bloat and more
Make Windows less bloat, thighten privacy, uninstall Apps, install software and more

5. BIOS Settings
Make sure these BIOS settings are set, BEFORE you start installing Windows 11
From Boot: To enter the BIOS press del or F2 
From Windows: Hold shift en press restart, in the menu choose: Advanced, Troubleshoot, UEFI Setup
CSM = Disabled
SECURE BOOT = Disabled
TPM = Disabled

3. Install Windows 11

Before installing make sure:
1. The BIOS settings from above are set.
2. Unplug your network cable.

1. Boot from USB
Press 'F11' to choose a boot device and pick your 'USB drive'

2. Partitioning
Windows makes 3 (or 4) partitions for you when you click new, so throw away ALL your old ones.
Check which drive it is for you and if you have mutiple drives don't throw away the wrong one.
Drive 0 Partition 1: Recovery
Drive 0 Partition 2: System
Drive 0 Partition 3: MSR
Drive 0 Partition 4: Primary
Throw these away and there should only be 'Unallocated Space' 
Click "Unallocated Space"
Click "New" 
Click "Apply"
Select "Primary" partition 
Click "Next"
Windows will now format the partition and install Windows

3. Setup 
After Windows finishes installing it will reboot and continue the setup.
Select 'i don't have internet' 
Select 'Continue with limited setup'
Setup a Local User name
Setup 3 security questions
Sit back untill Windows finishes installing
DON'T plugin your network cable just yet !!

4. Configure Windows 11 Enterprise

DON'T plugin your network cable or else Windows Update will interfere in the driver installation.
Always start with installing your drivers, before connecting your network cable.

1. Drivers
First install the downloaded drivers in this order:
1. CHIPSET (reboot after install)
4. Reboot and plugin Network Cable
2. Activation
2nd thing to do is to activate Windows so all settings unlock. Use Microsoft-Activation-Scripts
1. Start "MAS-AIO"
2. Choose the option HWID (1)
3. Windows Update
3rd thing to do is Update Windows
1. Press "Windows Key + R"
2. Paste "ms-settings:windowsupdate"
3. Press "Enter"
Make sure there are no more Updates available before you continue, because updates sometimes reset settings.
Could take a couple of reboots.

4. Decrapifier
4rd and last thing is to make Windows faster and cleaner.
This guide is for MGMartys_MakeNBreak_Win11
1. Start MGMartys_MakeNBreak_Win11
2. Adjust all the settings you want, except on the APPS, WINGET and WSL pages.
3. Reboot
4. Start MGMartys_MakeNBreak_Win11 again
5. Now run through the APPS, WINGET and WSL pages to finish your config
6. Reboot when finished
Well Done !

You've finished downloading, installing and configuring Windows 11

I hope this guide helped you out and was easy to follow.

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