MG Marty’s Make ‘N Break Windows 11 (22H2) – v0.01

The very first release of my own program !!!

I have been maintaining a script for fresh installs for 12+ years now. 
People always ask me: 
- What's in it and what does it do ? 
- Will it make my PC faster or will it break it ?

Hence the name.

To make it clear what it does, i decided to turn it into a program.
Now you can see which setting your adjusting and if you don't like it just activate it again.
This also gave me more flexibility to add some extra features that my script doesn't contain like:

- Remove Apps (APPS)
- Install Software (WINGET)
- Change your PC name and color schema etc. (SETTINGS - Personalization)

Some extra info:

I have never coded in .Net, C# or Visual Studio until 3 months ago, so any tips about cleaning up my Frankenstein code are welcome.
Also any tips to make more efficient use of commands and/ or code are welcome.

Also, if i missed a setting, a program or anything you would like to see added just leave me a message.

Special thanx to:

Arun Mutharasu - CSharpDesignPro:
Payload - WPF C# Professional Modern Flat UI Tutorial
I used code from both to learn how to do stuff.
Download from my Github:

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